Unconventional Marathon Recovery

I completed the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, only 3 days ago. Since then, I’ve taught 4 classes with 2 more tonight. Riding a bike has proven easier than walking and has actually greatly decreased my muscle soreness. Most articles I’ve read regarding marathon recovery recommend 2 weeks to recover fully; some light running, walking, swimming or bike riding. At least I got the bike riding part right…but light? Not so much. I’m too much of an all-or-nothing type, I can’t really fathom the idea of “light bike riding” and because I’m an indoor cycling instructor, I would hardly call that an option.

So on Monday, I slept in until 7! I made plans for breakfast with my friend Rachel who was in town visiting; we went to Hu Kitchen where I had 2 eggs, roasted pineapple, bacon, and their take on paleo bread + a large coconut milk latte. Walking felt pretty good, my quads were certainly tight but nothing unexpected. Later in the day, I had 2 sushi rolls for lunch and a quest bar for a snack, but I spent most of the afternoon resting and making my playlists for my evening classes.

At 5:45p I was on my way to the studio for back to back classes. I was surprised at how good it felt to ride the bike only one day after the marathon. Both classes felt great and my body felt even better after the rides than before. After class, I had a burger with a gluten free bun and sweet potato fries + a Citizen Cider. Then it was off to bed to prep for day 2 of marathon recovery.

On Tuesday I only had one class at 915a, I slept until about 630a, made my playlist, had some oatmeal and was on the train and headed to Bronxville for ride #3. The ride, again, felt great and my legs were feeling significantly less sore. I knew I’d have plenty of time to rest for the remainder of the day, so I went for my typical sushi lunch and plugged into my TENS 7000, a pulse generator that sends electrical impulses through electrodes to the body, for 30 minutes. After that, I took a nap #duh. By the time I woke up I was feeling ready for a work out, but I thought it might not be in my best interest before the rest of my upcoming schedule. So instead, I went to dinner for tacos and chips and guacamole and saw Creed (it’s so good and I’m totally inspired by the story…probably gonna buy a pair of gloves and start training to become a boxer). Another successful day of recovery.

This morning, I woke up to teach my 6am and my legs were feeling close to normal again. The 4th ride really helped to loosen my legs up; walking feels totally normal, no notable soreness, and overall, feeling really good! 3 days and 4 rides later && I am just about ready to start training again! I didn’t follow conventional rules to train for the marathon…so why would I follow conventional rules to recover?

Feeling extremely thankful for my body and all that it allows me to do!

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